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The Ministry of Education and Science and the Innovation Developm Scince&Business STARTUP HACKATHON

Science & Business StartupHackathon is a continuation of the Science & Business series, it is conducted to develop projects aimed at post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

From June 27 to July 2, 2022, there will be an intensive online hackathon for scientists, startups and entrepreneurs with both innovative ideas and existing bilateral innovation projects. The programs of the event include an intensive hackathon with the participation of the best foreign and Ukrainian experts, as well as personal mentoring, pitch preparation and more.

We invite scientists with innovative proposals, technological products, modernized services or business models who have innovative solutions for the postwar reconstruction of Ukraine and seek new experience, knowledge and skills in leading areas of startups to commercialize their work

The main criterion for selecting initiatives is the impact on the reconstruction of Ukraine in the following areas:

  • security;

  • humanitarian and social support;

  • innovative medicine;

  • economic recovery, SME support;

  • education;

  • infrastructure reconstruction;

  • culture.

You can take part in the Science & Business Startup Hackathon free of charge, subject to pre-registration and selection until June 20, 2022 inclusive.

The hackathon will last 6 days (June 27 - July 2, 2022) and will contain 5 narrow sessions on Marketing, Sales, Finance, Team Building, Strategy.

You can find out the conditions of the hackathons and fill out the application form on the website

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