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Brokerage event "Attracting grant funding for innovative developments"

On December 20, a brokerage event dedicated to the topic "Attracting grant funding for innovative developments" was held in Kyiv

The participants of the event - developers, potential customers, fundraising experts and donors - discussed a number of important issues:

  • Possibilities of grant funding for 2024.

  • Presentation of typical innovation business cases.

  • Suggestions from an expert environment.

Yuriy Klymenko, CEO of Vinnytsia AIM Cluster and his colleague Andriy Strelchenko, CEO of SAMT highlighted the topic "Launch of prototyping and R&D centers in mechanical engineering".

"The creation of the R&D Center is our main strategic project. We aim to create an inter-regional and inter-industry scientific and technical center aimed at meeting the needs of the machine-building and agricultural industry in innovative solutions for the production of highly profitable products during the recovery of Ukraine's post-war industry," the speakers emphasized.

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