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The services of the cluster organization are works aimed at increasing competitiveness, promoting products and services, reducing costs, increasing productivity and other specific needs of enterprises. To implement the service model of the cluster organization , we purposefully established relationships with a wide range of experts and practitioners. Based on these connections and our own competencies, we provide a range of services necessary and sufficient to support business development processes: project management, market research, fundraising, branding, event organization (this list is not exhaustive). The quality of services is determined using the project methodology, consensus rules of interaction and the expert group - the technical committee

комната для переговоров
Project methodology


Project methodology  is one of the main tools for moving our cluster to the goal. By joining project teams, participants define their roles, create common value chains and innovative products, and build and build trust - the foundation of cluster relationships

Technical Committee


Any project requires a comprehensive analysis, expertise and comprehensive evaluation in the pre-investment phase. These functions are performed by a specially created technical committee a cluster that collaborates with experienced experts and relevant organizations

Заседание правления
Implementation rules


Technological projects reflect the competencies of their participants and are aimed at obtaining new quality products. Any project will be hampered if the participants do not agree on common rules (statutes). We have created such rules and improve them whenever the practice of project implementation requires it

Any project requires management, which in some cases is performed by a cluster organization
Among the projects initiated by cluster members and the cluster organization and its partners
AgriFood network of technology hubs
Комната мониторинга
Interactive transport infrastructure management system
Протез руки
Center for Advanced Rehabilitation

These projects have the status of open initiatives - open to new entrants, investors, beneficiaries and especially to innovators, because the triad of components "intellectual resource - development - production" is the minimum necessary for innovative business.

Each of the components is a multi-project, the concept of which can be presented at the request of stakeholders

Встреча команды
Fulfilling its mission of creating an innovation ecosystem, the cluster initiates and implements infrastructure projects
Our initiatives continue to develop at the conceptual level
  • infrastructure project to support the food industry of the region
  • program for the recovery of the regional economy on a high-tech basis and on the basis of proactive intersectoral cooperation
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