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AIM Cluster

Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster


independent business association of companies and organizations with competences in the development, design and manufacture of devices and systems for automation / digitalization of production and business processes in the energy, agri-food, municipal, medical, cartographic, transport spheres. Business leaders understand the benefits of joint activities, the role of institutions and the need to comply with common rules of interaction

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The initiative to create the cluster belongs to the NGO "Institute for Socialization of Innovation", which has ten years of experience in building innovation ecosystems. The initiators were aware that the creation of a top-down cluster - from the registration of a cluster organization to the formation of common value chains - is a long and complex process. But the importance of the goal did not stop them.


We focus on the needs of our and interdependent industries and through the implementation of innovative projects we build common value chains that connect industries, sectors and areas of activity and strengthen the competitiveness of their participants


In the early 90's of XX century. instrument making was the titular branch of the Vinnytsia region: 8 plants of national importance were concentrated here. One third of the population of the regional center worked at these plants and a wide range of instrument-making products was produced - element base, information input-output devices, power electronics, specialized information systems. The intellectual resource formed then has been preserved and should be used to rebuild the industry on a new technological and human basis

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AIM Cluster 

We understand the cluster as a regional ecosystem of related industries and competencies, which has a wide range of intersectoral interdependencies. Intersectoral relationships are the basis for the development of industries and the condition of competitiveness. The spheres of instrument making, automation, and engineering are cross-cutting and a priority for other industries. Thus, our  sectoral affiliation leads to partnerships with companies in the engineering, food, energy and other industries


AIM Cluster seeks to shape and develop the innovation ecosystem to produce a new generation of professionals who create breakthrough technologies aimed at the systemic development of the region


Creation of a new regional industry based on accelerating the development of the sectors of instrumentation, engineering and automation with the participation of industrial, research and production and engineering companies and organizations of related sectors and industries


The cluster consolidates the best developers to create advanced technologies and transfer knowledge to a new generation of professionals and is a leader in the development of the innovation ecosystem in the region

The cluster strengthens the competitive advantages of participants - production, research, educational and service organizations that develop technologies of Industry 4.0+

The foundation of cluster interaction is a new quality of relations - trust, mutual respect, common values and adherence to balanced communication, research and production policies


Organization of interaction between cluster members, coordination of joint research and production projects

Implementation of joint projects for the creation and development of innovation, engineering, industrial, educational infrastructure of the industrial cluster

Expanding the "circle" of partners

Support for talented researchers and entrepreneurs at all stages of product creation and implementation

Встреча команды

Cluster members

The high level of professionalism and competence of the cluster members, in conditions of mutual respect and trust, will increase the effectiveness of communication, research and production policies, which helps to overcome the shortage of qualified personnel to create breakthrough innovations

Our partners

We are open to partners who are competent and knowledgeable about advanced technologies in priority areas of development and effective technical and managerial solutions. We achieve effective results with partners regardless of their membership in the cluster, subject to the principles of mutual responsibility, transparency and trust. 

The basis of the partnership's effectiveness is the convergence of high-tech sectors with other industries

Our partners: APPAU, Kharkiv cluster IAM, Zaporizhzhya cluster IAM, Vasyl Stus DonNU, Cluster "Energy Pool", Sustainable Development Agency "ASTAR", Union of Entrepreneurs "Styuzny Center , East Ukrainian Technocluster

Join the cluster

We will be glad to see in the cluster of instrument makers, automation developers, research and production, engineering and software companies, as well as representatives of related industries, manufacturing, universities, enterprises of all forms of ownership, aware of the need for new forms of interaction and new generation of professionals high technology

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