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FREE offline meet-ups with experts and business owners

On December 18 and 23, representatives of cluster companies will take part in a series of FREE offline meet-ups with experts and business owners from the "Car-Route" career navigation youth center, which are a continuation of the online course "Career Choices and Decisions"

The goals of this project correspond to the strategic goal of the cluster - the formation of a fully functional industrial innovation ecosystem. One of the ways to achieve this is the involvement of students and young scientists in the development of the ecosystem. The implementation of such a project will help talented young people decide on their field of activity, find their place in the recovery of the economy and see employers.

Also, enterprises of the instrument-making and IT industries will host and introduce promising professions and vacancies to participants who will successfully complete their homework and create their own career plan after completing the 4-week online course "Career Choices and Decisions".


December 14 - "Skills of an entrepreneur: what personal characteristics, knowledge and skills are necessary for the successful development of one's own business" and

December 15 - "Employer reputation: how to choose an attractive place of work" - speaker Anna Kuleshova, business consultant and managing partner at "K&K Consulting", business and marketing consultant at Balansyr Consulting Company, expert in building sales and marketing departments – 10+ years, management experience – 5+ years.

December 18 - "What is needed for a successful interview" - speaker Volodymyr Beznytskyi, COO (chief operating officer) of the Gemicle group of companies. Has more than 15 years of successful management experience. Expert in crisis management and strategic planning. Personal and professional development coach.

December 23 - "Industry 4.0 and 5.0 new career opportunities" - speaker Yuriy Klymenko, director of the Vinnytsia Cluster of Instrumentation and Automation, Ph.D. Experience in business 20+ years, experience in teaching and training 25+ years, experience cluster management 2+ years. Expert in project management, development of innovative ecosystems, creation and development of cluster organizations.

The series of offline meetups will take place on December 14, 15, 18, 23.

You can view the full program and register using the link until December 17 inclusive

The series of meet-ups was implemented by the NGO "Agency for Sustainable Development and Innovation" in partnership with the Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster as part of the project "Supporting Children and Youth by Strengthening the Potential of Grassroots Rapid Response Initiatives in Ukraine", which is implemented by the public organization Association of the Ukrainian Peace School with financial support supported by TDH Germany Nepal - terre des hommes.

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