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The general meeting of participants of the Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster

Tactics and strategies of economic security of business during the war and the content of Ukraine's post-war recovery processes were the main issues to be discussed at the meeting on July 7

The main issues to be discussed were the tactics and strategies of economic security of business during the war and the content of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. The adopted decisions are aimed at achieving stability and intensifying the development of promising projects and products that are synchronized with the state and international concepts of the country's recovery.

The meeting participants reached a consensus on joint actions to ensure a sustainable cluster organization and its participating enterprises:

  • The transition to a new work model was approved, in the framework of which it is envisaged to strengthen the support of the work of the Directorate regarding the project and service activities of the cluster due to the proactive participation of the Board in the implementation of the assigned tasks

  • The general meeting of the cluster adopted a decision to update the composition of the board, which will correspond to the content of the tasks set before it, will contribute to the strengthening of the interaction of the Directorate of the cluster with its participants and increase the overall efficiency of the organization

  • A decision was made to accept new participants into the cluster, which became the Kharkiv enterprise EMSS and the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus.

"EMSS" LLC is an enterprise that provides complex solutions in the field of quality control and diagnostics by implementing the most modern technologies of construction, repair, and maintenance of road and airfield surfaces.

Vasyl Stus DonNU is a classical university that occupies a leading position in the market of educational services of the Central Ukrainian region and has transparent strategic priorities, in particular, transformation into an innovative research university.

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