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Cluster participants took part in focus groups with the aim of developing the Barrier-Free Space Development Program

During April, the Department of Reconstruction and Development of the Vinnytsia Community is conducting focus groups in 6 directions with the aim of developing the Program for the Development of Barrier-Free Community Space for the next three years.

The members of the Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster have already participated in three focus groups on physical, information and economic barrier-free accessibility, as they have competencies in most areas of the future Programme. Discussion of barrier-free accessibility issues is very important for the city and society, as the range of participants facing various barriers is very wide: pensioners, parents with small children, pregnant women, people with different height from the average, and especially people with limited mobility and disabilities. For example, at one of the meetings, they discussed the possibilities of modern technologies for people with poor eyesight, hearing or reduced mobility to access all services.

✔ Most participants of the meetings noted that the identified areas of barrier-free accessibility are interrelated and need to be addressed by several organisations specialising in certain aspects of this problem. In particular, a high-quality solution to physical barrier issues requires the participation of doctors, engineers, designers, social workers and representatives of local authorities. It is also clear that economic barrier-free access cannot be properly addressed if technical solutions developed for digital and physical barrier-free access are not used to achieve it.

The programme for barrier-free development in the Vinnytsia community is being developed in a comprehensive and integrated manner. For this purpose, the Department of Recovery and Development of the Vinnytsia Community has set up a working group of more than 50 business and community members, including 20 members of the public. These discussions will help to formulate the issues of the Vinnytsia community's citizens on barrier-free accessibility, which will be used to develop an action plan for creating a barrier-free space.

 ❗️ Everyone can join the department's survey on barrier-free accessibility in our community. The questionnaire contains blocks related to physical, digital, informational, social and civic, economic, and educational barriers.

You can take the survey until 29 April at the link:


🖇 It is worth reminding that the Programme for the Development of Barrier-Free Space of Vinnytsia City Council for 2024-2027 will be implemented within the framework of the National Strategy for the Creation of Barrier-Free Space in Ukraine for the period up to 2030.

It envisages the creation of a barrier-free space in Ukraine in 6 main areas:

  • Social and civic barrier-free environment,

  • Educational accessibility,

  • Economic accessibility,

  • Information accessibility,

  • Physical accessibility,

  • Digital accessibility.

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