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Interaction of the Cluster with representatives of GIZ and AHP International

🔹The Cluster continues to interact with representatives of GIZ and AHP International within the framework of the EU4Business: Update on the Ukrainian Cluster Landscape and Institutional diagnostics, recommendations, and strategic development plans/ contingency plans project. The goal of the project is to obtain a comprehensive understanding and mapping of clusters and cluster initiatives in Ukraine.

The Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster became one of the 10 clusters that will receive:

  • 360° institutional diagnostics and support in the formation of individual strategic development plans

  • Participation in a 2-week training program in two European countries, which will include meetings and exchange of experience with leading EU cluster organizations.

This week, within the framework of the project, a number of meetings-interviews were held with the management and participants of the Cluster, who represented the areas of activity that are a priority for the partner. The open exchange of ideas and information was aimed at clarifying the needs of companies and presenting them to European partners in March of this year during a study trip to Slovenia and Germany.

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