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Successful defense of the project and completion of the Cluster Management training course

Congratulations to Nadiya Karpluk, Viktoriya Kolisnyk and Yuriy Klymenko on the successful defense of the project and the completion of the training course on Cluster Management from the KSE Graduate Business School , which lasted for 6 months.

The Cluster Management training course was developed to support cluster managers in their efforts to become effective and influential institutions in the Ukrainian business context. The course was supported by the #EU4Business program initiated by the European Union and the German government.

✔️ During the first part of the course, "General Management of Clusters", participants deepened their knowledge and discussed cluster management strategies in the Ukrainian business environment. Enriched with new knowledge, implementation strategies and economic models of clusters, which are ready to be applied in practice.

✔️During the second part, "European market and export", the participants delved deeper into issues of cluster leadership in the European context, export strategies, international sales and marketing, as well as risk management for entering export markets. These knowledge and skills are an integral part of our multifaceted toolkit for success in cluster management.

Our common goal is for clusters in Ukraine to become not only competitive, but also key players in the business environment. Forward to new achievements and successes!

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