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The first 6 Ukrainian startups received $ 50,000 each from the 7 Wings fund

Denis Dovgopoloho's new fund has given $ 50,000 to six Ukrainian startups

On May 16, the foundation, named 7 Wings, announced the first six projects to receive grants:

  • Book Box is a B2B reading service.

  • ️Kycaid Limited helps businesses streamline and facilitate the onboarding process by automatically verifying and complying with the company's required requirements.

  • ️DrugCard is a Ukrainian medical / pharmacological startup that scans the world medical literature in 100 languages ​​and collects data on medicines.

  • ️CASES is a training and social network for creative industries.

  • ️ByOwls develops virtual reality products and software for the gaming and film industries.

  • ️AcademyOcean is a smart learning management system that helps companies train their employees, customers and partners.

Source: telegram channel @businessua

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