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Report of the fourteenth monthly survey of enterprises "Ukrainian business during the war"

The Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultation (IED) presents the results of the survey of enterprises "Ukrainian business during the war" for June 2023. The goal of the project is the rapid collection of information about the current state of the economy at the enterprise level.

Issues covered in the report:

• Obstacles to doing business in wartime

• Problems with electricity increased again

• It is still dangerous to work

• June to June: changes over the past year

• Future and uncertainty

• Activities of enterprises in the past and expectations for the future

• Employment and labor market

• Assessments of state policy

According to the survey's key results, business remains optimistic in the short to medium term, although it refrains from making clear forecasts for the long term due to increasing long-term uncertainty. However, expectations in the six-month perspective remain very optimistic, but there is already a slight increase in uncertainty in the short- and medium-term perspectives. The current situation is assessed as quite positive.

Importantly, the proportion of businesses operating near full and at full capacity is the highest since the war began. This can serve as an indicator of a certain stability of the economy and the recovery of business activity.

Despite a certain recovery, issues of physical business security remain in the top 5 obstacles to the operation of enterprises during wartime, which indicates the need to strengthen measures to ensure business security.

✔ You can familiarize yourself with other results and view the full report on the institute's website using the link or view the research presentation (ukr) (eng)

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