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MSV International Engineering Fair

On October 10-13, the 64th MSV International Engineering Fair will be held in the Brno Exhibition Center and is the most important industrial exhibition in Central Europe.

The Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster and their companies will be presented at the Ukrainian stand by Maitek and TM "Thermiya" PRAJ Vinnytsia Zavod "Mayak", as part of the delegation of the UCA.

All key branches of the mechanical engineering and electrical industry are represented at the exhibition, with a main focus on machining and forming, and exhibition stands are also being prepared.

"Thanks to its wide assortment, the mechanical engineering exhibition offers an opportunity to communicate with experts from various fields. This creates a unique platform to share information, promote innovation and discuss future developments in the industry," says Michalis Bousios, Director of MSV.

The trip will be supported by the Czech government.

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