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XCarb Investment Fund Technology Startup Support Program $ $ 100 million

Do you want to consolidate your technology as the market leader and gain recognition for your help in the transition to low-carbon and ultimately zero-carbon steel? Apply on June 20, 2022 and participate

  • Deadline for applications: June 20, 2022

  • Maximum amount of support: up to $ 100 million

  • Deadline for applications: mid-end of July 2022

  • Geography of the competition: from any part of the world

AccelorMital XCarb™ Investment Fund will invest in companies that develop advanced technologies that will accelerate the transition of the steel industry to the production of zero-carbon steel.

Applications are accepted in seven technological areas:

  • Changes in steel production (processes and technologies)

  • Processing into gas or biocarbon (innovative methods of waste conversion)

  • Gas reforming / conversion technologies

  • Innovative hydrogen technologies

  • Carbon capture, use and storage (in particular, carbon capture with conversion to chemicals / fuel or continuous capture / mineralization)

  • Long-term large-scale energy storage technologies

  • Clean energy technologies


Applicants must be registered startups, have concepts of commercially scalable technologies that have great potential for carbon-free steel production.

In addition to the cash prize, candidates will also have access to:

  • unsurpassed industry experience and advice;

  • leading research centers and research programs to accelerate technological development;

  • expertise in technology, protection of intellectual property and access to world markets;

  • ArcelorMittal's back office and functionality to accelerate market entry.

Source: details on the website of the ArcelorMittal XCarb™ Foundation

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