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The power in unity

Conference of scientific and educational institutions-partners on the development of Industry 4.0-5.0

February 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

This year's forum focuses on bringing together businesses, educators, and scientists around the challenges of wartime. In accordance with this, we focus on joint preparation for Restoration projects, innovative development, and personnel training and retraining issues.

The tasks of the forum are exchanges-discussions on the specified topics, fixation of common priorities, and action plans. Within the framework of the meeting, the signing of memorandums of cooperation between a number of UCA clusters and universities is foreseen. The organizers expect that the forum will systematize and optimize the existing formats of cooperation, as well as stimulate the development of new initiatives of at least 10 clusters.

Let's consider how to strengthen cooperation between universities and business

Development of practical education (Yuriy Klymenko, director of the Vinnytsia Cluster of Instrumentation and Industrial Automation.

Together we are strengthening the innovative and educational ecosystems of the country - for the sake of Victory!

Participation in the event is free, the number of places offline is limited, and you can register via the link.

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