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Results of a training seminar "How to choose the desired program for yourself and get a grant"

On March 22, in the framework of the project "International Grant Programs: Science and Education" a training and methodological seminar "How to choose the desired program for yourself and get a grant" was held and organized on the initiative of Vinnytsia National Technical University.

The main tasks of the seminar: familiarization of the university community with the possibilities of international project activity; presentation of information resources related to projected activity and academic mobility; dissemination of practical experience in the preparation of prosecuting applications; Analysis of "Bottleneck" in the formation of project teams and submission of applications for participation in international projects; as well as discussing the opportunities and experience of the university in international activities.

The following questions were covered during the meeting:

"International Projects and Programs in the University's Activity";

"Presentation of the National Portal of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation";

"Clusters - a tool of effective projected activity";

"Practical aspects of projective activity: applying to the program horizon Europe, creation of resumes in Europass, cost - a program of cooperation in the field of science and technology"

Yuriy Klimenko, the head of the cluster of instrumentation and automation, spoke about the factors of clusters, the benefits of cooperation with clusters, and the mechanisms for their development through interaction in joint projects.

Objective: To achieve a new quality of instrumentation and automation.

  • The complexity of the task requires:

  • Developing a strategy and its step-by-step implementation

  • Using Project Management Methodology

  • Diversification of sources of financing


  • Grave and Extraordinary Project Support:

  • Site

  • Office equipment

  • Networking, communications

  • Creating MVP

Institutionalization (without external financial support):

  • Strategic constants

  • policies, first of all, algorithms for the implementation of joint projects

You can find more details about the presentation materials of the seminar here.

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