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The Intercluster Conference "Regional Cluster Initiatives"

The diversity of industries and experts represented at the conference created a fruitful environment for discussing and generating ideas for the development of the regional economy

A powerful exchange of experience took place at the Intercluster Conference "Regional Cluster Initiatives" on 23 October in Vinnytsia. More than 70 participants attended the event offline and online.

During the first panel "Successful Practices of Regions", experts shared their experience and practical solutions in creating and developing clusters. In particular, they discussed successful regional practices, the role of clusters in recovery strategies and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The second panel of the conference, "Clusters in Economic Recovery," covered the issues of regional recovery strategies. Representatives of various industries and clusters spoke about their contribution to the development of the regional economy.

The third panel, "Transformation of Industries", examined various aspects of industry transformation in the modern world, discussing the benefits and challenges of this process. Everyone stressed the importance of cooperation and synergy between industry players to achieve common goals in one territory. This synergy should involve representatives of business, government, academia, and NGOs to ensure the best possible outcome.

The conference ended with a visit to KNESS production facilities. KNESS is an international group of companies born in Ukraine that develops technologies and implements renewable and conventional energy projects.

An important event was the signing of a memorandum on the development of the ecosystem of the Crystal Innovation and Technology Park, for the joint growth of the technology industry in Vinnytsia and the innovative economy in the region.

The event was organised by the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance together with the Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster within the framework of the EU4Business international cooperation programme, funded by the EU and the German government.

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