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Science and business partnership

In January 2023 the webinar "Partnership of Science and Business" was held, which was held with the assistance of the USAID Project "Economic Support of Ukraine" (USAID Project)

The webinar was attended by the head of the cluster Yuriy Klymenko, Ph.D., an expert on the USAID Project on R&D activities, and representatives of universities from the eastern regions of Ukraine. During the event, the participants exchanged their experiences of implementing successful cooperation between science and business.

The following questions were considered:

why should the attention of universities be focused on R&D?

which areas require intensive work in R&D?

What effective tools are used in R&D?

An important tool for the development of domestic institutions of higher education today is the creation of partnerships and grant support for universities, their involvement in business projects, piloting strategies for the development of educational institutions based on teamwork in the field of science and business, activation of joint scientific developments, motivation of scientists to generate innovations with support management of the university. During the seminar, the participants discussed the prerequisites for creating innovative management at the university.

A constructive discussion among the participants of the seminar unfolded regarding the formation of regional innovation ecosystems, in which the successful interaction of stakeholders, donors and universities leads to an effect thanks to the creation of joint venture funds, innovation support funds, a number of financial instruments that allow the implementation of turnkey innovative projects - from design stages to the stage of obtaining products on a commercial scale.

During the discussion, the participants of the webinar emphasized case study methods, methods of dual education as a basis for the formation of sustainable motivation of students, representatives of the university, and stakeholders to implement joint innovative projects.

The webinar participants identified critical areas as the main areas of partnership: defense, infrastructure, medicine, and agricultural activity.

The general mainstream of creating an effective ecosystem of innovations was recognized by the participants as leadership, and leadership qualities in the realization of the values of "cluster-university", and "business-university" interaction, which will allow the search for R&D funding sources.

Donetsk National Technical University under difficult conditions has preserved and is constantly increasing its scientific and educational potential, the result of which is active innovative activity, inventions, and research works of students and teachers, which will position DonNTU as a center of innovation, capable of forming a powerful innovation cluster around itself, to successfully develop and implement innovative projects for both science and business.

Therefore, participation in the program is of fundamental importance for sharing acquired experience, obtaining new knowledge in the field of R&D, and establishing business contacts that have the potential for partnership and cooperation in the field of science and business integration.

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