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Meeting of universities of the Vinnytsia region with business

The meeting of the region's universities with business representatives took place this week on the initiative of the Vinnytsia Automation and Instrument Making Cluster and with the support of the Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration

The purpose of the event is to find ways for the outflow of young people, scientists and qualified personnel outside of Ukraine, which has intensified since the beginning of the full-scale war and is a national threat of the loss of intellectual potential.

A special role in this will be played by the industrial sectors of the economy, which require large-scale modernization and the creation of high-tech enterprises that meet the standards of Industry 4.0 (Advanced industry). Before gaining independence, Vinnytsia region was an advanced region in high-tech sectors.

The Vinnytsia region has an underdeveloped ecosystem of innovations, which currently includes only elements of hard infrastructure - a technology park, an industrial park. There are no structures in the ecosystem that ensure the restoration and increase of the potential of intellectual capital, which implement the functions of teaching, training and retraining of human resources. The economy of the region needs reformatting, which must be carried out with the active and direct participation of young specialists with the appropriate level of knowledge and competence.

The participants of the meeting came to the conclusion that there is no reserve of time for the successive deployment of the intellectual capital formation program, therefore it is necessary to conduct activities that simultaneously solve the following tasks:

  •  finding out the needs of the business and helping to solve them with minimal costs for it;

  •  selection of capable youth to replenish the human resources of enterprises;

  •  creation of conditions for employment of talented students and implementation of research results of young scientists;

  •  development of competencies and practical orientation of scientific developments of regional universities.

The first such event will be a competition for solutions to business problems. The competition will correspond to the practical science program in terms of content and goals.

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