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Main directions / products
  • Development and production of automation devices (controllers and sensors)

  • Development and implementation of programs for automating business processes (Front&Back&Control)

  • Development and implementation of intra-corporate payment systems using on-line and off-line electronic wallets

  • Production of RFID encoders, readers, cards, bracelets, tags

  • Implementation of highly efficient energy saving systems for No-So hotels and other buildings.

  • Implementation of BMS systems (management of heat consumption, climate, ventilation, recovery and others)

  • Implementation of accounting systems in restaurants, entertainment centers, recreation parks, attractions, swimming pools, etc.

  • Production of payment terminals and modernization of ATMs

  • Production of electronic locks, plastic lockers for changing rooms, pressing of multi-layer ultra-light plastic

  • HoReCa, entertainment and recreation, water parks, swimming pools, children's centers

  • Condominiums and service companies for BMS implementation

  • Owners and tenants of office and shopping and entertainment centers

  • City transport, hospitals, sanatoriums, educational institutions and others

  • Companies with a need for accounting of materials and semi-finished products during processing and production











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