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"Jemicle" LLC
Main directions / products
  • Main directions/products
    Software development

  • Development of mobile applications

  • Development and implementation of solutions for transport infrastructure

  • Design development

  • Hardware design and development

  • E-commerce

  • IT consulting

  • B2B: transport companies in the public transport sector, car companies and car fleets, trading companies of various directions, media companies, IT companies, retailers, marketing agencies, financial institutions

  • B2G: government, ministries, municipal authorities, administrative centers and units, territorial communities, cities

  • B2PA: public organizations, foundations, schools, universities, scientific societies, professional and industry associations

General information

Head:   Khazin Marat Borisovych

Form of ownership: Limited Liability Company

Production areas, m2: 1950

Number of employees, persons: 50

Year of foundation: 2013

Languages of communication: Ukrainian, English


More than 8 years of successful cooperation on global markets - Israel, USA, Germany, Latvia, Australia. The market leader in Ukraine in the development and implementation of innovative solutions for transport infrastructure, public transport, automatic passenger counting

Office and production

Address: : Vinnytsia, st. Soborna, 24

Contact person: Hazin Marat Borisovych


Representation departments

- absent

Cluster members
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