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Сердце Киева

The initiators of the Cluster are organizations that have experience and activities in the field of creation and implementation of projects and programs of industrial,   research, educational development of Vinnytsia region _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_ 136bad5cf58 principles and values of cluster cooperation:


The values of the cluster organization  form the basic principles of the culture of internal business relations of its members. The defined composition of values reflects the common vision of all members of the cluster and are derived from defining the principles of internal interaction and building external relations with stakeholders.

Values that unite cluster members:

  • Trust and mutual respect

  • Quality and competence

  • Leadership and professionalism

  • Innovation

The principles of cluster organization are based on the values of its members and are reflected in the following contents:


Equal partnership

Fundamental respect for partners, recognition of their achievements and respect for copyright (including unregistered and informal), compliance with agreements and treaties, rejection of overt and covert political and managerial takeover strategies, hierarchical subordination of partner organizations


Leadership and responsibility

Leadership is actions, not positions. A leader takes the initiative with responsibility and leads others by inspiring by example. Cluster members assume only those obligations that are capable of fulfilling and are responsible for non-fulfillment of the undertaken obligations, compensating the losses caused to the partners, if such have occurred as a result of non-fulfillment of agreements


Each member of the Cluster has a high level of professional training in the field declared by him, guaranteeing his own business reputation. A member of the Cluster does not undertake the implementation of projects or their individual components only if he is not sure that he can ensure a high level of expertise and professionalism of the process and results.


Adherence to the standards of anti-corruption policy and prevention of fraud, fundamental refusal to manipulate the agenda of the Cluster, secret political agreements and conspiracies, the formation of the shadow agenda of individual members of the Cluster, etc.

Openness and transparency

Cluster members are responsible for creating such communication processes that will allow  stakeholders to understand the mechanisms of decision-making and their impact. All members of the Cluster will try to create a clear system of internal connections and competencies, respond to the demands of the scientific environment, education, business and community

Political and religious impartiality

The cluster operates only within the goals and objectives set out in the Cluster Development Strategy, its mission and goals and does not pursue any political goals, does not belong to any political party or religious movement, does not represent their interests. The cluster is a non-political and non-religious organization and has no political or religious prejudices.

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